Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling supports the CFO functions of our clients’ businesses, helping to plan and implement their financial and operational strategies. This work includes internal audit, reporting, and retirement and succession planning.

Maximizing Financial Opportunities for Clients

BMM&P serves the financial consulting needs of closely-held businesses in a <<variety of industries<</industries>>. Our experience goes back more than 70 years to our founding, when we worked hand in hand with community businesses on tax matters, internal finance, and strategies for growth.

Today, businesses throughout the United States rely on BMM&P to:

  • Find areas of opportunity and improvement in their accounting practices.
  • Develop financial models for projects.
  • Train their finance and accounting employees in their job functions.
  • Act as an ongoing, accessible, and knowledgeable resource.

Our team’s extensive experience in <<financial assurance<</services/financial-assurance>> has provided us with expertise in internal consulting matters. Our accountants are well-informed about rules and regulations, maintain high professional standards through continuing education, and are experts in the realm of financial and public accounting.

Retirement and Succession Planning

As an aspect of financial consulting, BMM&P helps clients in the transfer of leadership and in establishing retirement packages.

In this capacity, our firm provides advice about the tax impact of different retirement and succession alternatives, reviews plans so that they comply with federal regulations, and supports other decisions related to retirement programs.

On the personal side, BMM&P also works with company leaders and their financial advisors to prepare for retirement. We can help <<individuals avoid expensive mistakes in tax planning<</services/individual-tax>>, advise about gifting and charitable donations, and guide decisions about social security and compensation.

To learn more about services on both the individual and business side, <<get in touch with BMM&P<</contact>>.