Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Industries

Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling began its 70-year history by supporting merchants and retailers in the South, helping to grow and protect their business through our accounting services. We continue this tradition today, partnering with retailers, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and other hospitality businesses throughout the U.S.

Some common services that we provide to these industries include:

Compliance. We are experts in local, state, and federal business tax issues. Clients benefit from our guidance in sales tax, personal property returns, and hospitality-related concerns like hotel stay and alcohol excise taxes.

Bookkeeping. Retail and restaurant businesses rely on BMM&P to advise and manage aspects of their daily financial activities. We can assist with inventory, point of sale systems, and payroll and serve as their independent, outsourced accounting department.

Assurance. Large organizations and hotel / motel groups hire BMM&P to provide assurance services to procure loans, to expand their properties, or for other business purposes.

BMM&P and Accounting for the Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Industries

Because clients differ in their needs, BMM&P spends significant time learning about the people and companies with whom we work. Our accountants follow a personal and consultative approach, identifying each client’s opportunities and risks and recommending targeted solutions.

For some businesses, this means frequent conversations, weekly meetings, and ongoing accounting support that touches every aspect of the company’s operations. For other businesses, we act as a reliable and expert partner, available for quarterly assurance activities, financial consulting, and other support. By providing the full range of services and in the way that our clients want them, we help them achieve their financial goals.