Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling supports non-profit organizations with a range of accounting issues related to compliance and tax.

Much of an organization’s activities may be dictated by the internal revenue code, the 501c3 sub-chapters, and state-specific laws. These rules establish how a non-profit must collect revenue and for whom and the disclosures and filings that are required. The counsel of accounting experts allows non-profit organizations to make the right decisions about these issues.

BMM&P helps clients by guiding them in tax-related questions and concerns and protecting their non-profit status in the event of tax controversy. We also assist with financial consulting, tracking and classifying income, and other accounting needs that an organization may have.

BMM&P and Non-Profit Accounting Services

Over the past 70-plus years, Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling has supported mission-driven organizations as they have grown into large non-profit entities. As professionals and as people, we measure the results of our work not just in its financial outcome but in its community impact.

Our firm has a deep and abiding commitment to non-profit work. Our leadership and our accounting professionals are active participants in local and national organizations. These philanthropic efforts have the additional benefit of providing us insight into their accounting needs and challenges.

Learn more about how we apply this background to the advantage of our non-profit clients. Get in touch with BMM&P.