Clients of Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling include sole practitioners, medical practices, and hospitals that represent the range of healthcare needs, from ophthalmology to physical therapy. Some common areas we support include:

Compliance. BMM&P assists clients in launching or restructuring their medical practices, keeping them in line with healthcare law and federal and state tax regulations.

Taxation. Engagements often include business tax consulting, whether clients want to compare the advantages of different entity structures, make certain they are following tax law with their salary structure, or save on the costs of social security and Medicare.

Compensation. Medical practices may require specific financial metrics to determine shared expenses, salaries, and bonuses for their partners. BMM&P helps clients calculate compensation and verify the accuracy of internal figures.

Mergers and acquisitions. Our firm frequently assists healthcare businesses with merger and acquisition activities. We can provide internal valuations and participate in negotiations to ensure that clients receive a beneficial deal.

Retirement planning. BMM&P accountants can assist clients in maximizing their retirement savings, addressing debt, and preventing cash shortages.

BMM&P and Healthcare Accounting

Healthcare companies benefit from our firm’s long experience in the industry and our general expertise in accounting. We guide clients in making decisions now that can promote their success in the short term, encourage their growth, and prepare their business for the future.

One of the biggest reasons that healthcare companies rely on BMM&P is that we are more engaged in and more knowledgeable about their business than the typical accounting practice. Rather than making assumptions that internal numbers are accurate or filing returns without detailed analysis, we work hand-in-hand with clients to identify their needs, potential concerns, and opportunities for savings or tax credits. Our firm believes that every client deserves this type of personal attention and service.

BMM&P encourages healthcare businesses to learn more about our offerings by getting in touch.