Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling works with clients to minimize their exposure to estate, trust, and gift taxes and to maximize the benefits of their charitable giving.

High-net-worth individuals tend to have complex holdings, tax structures, and financial concerns. They require dedicated oversight of their estate or trust to administer the details and deadlines properly.

BMM&P has extensive experience in the tax and accounting concerns related to estates and trusts. We follow a three-pronged approach in managing relationships with our clients.


Our accountants help clients become familiar with the opportunities and issues involved in estates and trusts. This guidance lets them to make the right decisions as they approach financial milestones.


BMM&P reviews and assists clients in updating their existing estate plan or trust based on their changing needs. We collaborate with the client and the client’s attorney and financial advisor to provide this guidance.


Our firm prepares complex tax returns for estates, trusts, and gifts. We bring more than 70 years of experience to the compilation of business tax returns and personal income tax filings.

Looking to the Future with BMM&P

Whether a client’s goal is to provide for the next generation or to create a legacy through philanthropy and investment, our firm’s work can protect that commitment. Talk with BMM&P about securing the future by contacting our office.