Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling plans and prepares returns for local, state, federal, and international business income tax. We work closely with our clients to lower their tax burden, stay ahead of rule changes that may impact their operations, and identify opportunities for increasing revenue.

Our Approach to Business Tax

For more than 70 years, BMM&P has helped clients interpret tax rules, prepare income tax returns ranging from common to complex, and realize financial savings for their organizations.

Our firm works with companies in a variety of industries. We have expertise with businesses of all sizes and structures, from single member pass-through filings to billion-dollar C corporations.

As certified public accountants and financial professionals, we recognize that clients have differing needs. We spend time getting to know the people and businesses with whom we work so that we can develop the right solution for their goals.

Our services often include both business tax consulting and financial consulting. By managing our clients’ payroll, withholding, bookkeeping, reporting, and general finances, we help them prepare accurate tax returns. Businesses can engage us as frequently as they need, from weekly discussions to quarterly tax planning to yearly filings. Our goal is to provide the greatest value possible to our clients.

Services for Business Tax

BMM&P supports companies by:

  • Planning and preparing business returns for local, state, federal, and international taxes.
  • Guiding clients through each state and local tax (SALT) environment in which they do business.
  • Identify opportunities and issues with updates to business tax rules.
  • Managing sales tax, industry-specific taxes, and tax credits and incentives.
  • Compiling ad valorem tax returns and required documentation for financial statements (ASC 740).
  • Consulting businesses on the potential tax impact of mergers, acquisitions, and succession plans.

We encourage prospective clients to contact BMM&P by phone or online to discuss how we can help.