Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation Industries

From prefab materials to carpeting and from trucking to logistics, Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling represents businesses that make and move goods throughout the world.

Companies in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation choose BMM&P for our experience and for our ability to shape solutions to their needs. For some clients, this means ongoing consulting, analysis, and recommendations for reducing financial exposure. For other businesses, we serve as accessible and knowledgeable advisors, available to answer timely questions about tax planning and locating projects.

One of the most common services we provide for these industries is the effective oversight of inventory. Our certified public accountants help track and evaluate turnover, shrinkage, and other aspects of a company’s goods. Based on this information, we assist clients in making data-driven decisions to improve their gross profit.

BMM&P and Accounting for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation Businesses

Our firm has helped a variety of companies in these industries with identifying and applying for tax credits. Whether a business is new to these programs or has benefited over the years from these incentives, we can support their work and help them save them money.

Often, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation businesses can take advantage of tax credits for investment, retraining, research and development, and employment. BMM&P works with clients to determine if they are good candidates for these programs, assisting them in deciding between projects and sites that offer the greatest financial incentives and guiding them in the process of application.

Companies can find out more about these and other services by contacting our firm.