Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling helps companies reduce their tax burden and grow their operations by identifying and applying them for business tax credits and incentives. We have years of experience guiding clients in federal and state-specific programs, with particular focus on Georgia-based projects.

Industries and Areas of Expertise

Businesses may benefit from tax credits and incentives regardless of their industry. BMM&P provides significant savings to companies in many different sectors through options like training and re-training tax credits.

Additionally, our firm can often identify incentives that are specific to an industry. We have extensive experience with investment and job tax credits for manufacturing, film tax credits for entertainment and production companies,  work opportunity credits for the retail, restaurant, and hospitality groups, and research and development credits for startups and technology companies.

Services for Business Tax Credits and Incentives

BMM&P’s approach is to become deeply familiar with the business activities of our clients. Knowing their work and their industry allows us to identify opportunities for tax savings.

We can conduct a comprehensive review to determine which tax credits, incentives, and deductions may apply. We can also assist in preparing applications and handling the application process.

In some cases, out-of-state clients may wish to sell earned credits to interested in-state parties. Our firm can advise clients about this exchange and recommend professional assistance.

Credits and incentives that our clients commonly use include:

  • Training / Retraining Tax Credits.
  • Research and Development Tax Credits.
  • Investment Tax Credits.
  • Jobs Tax Credits.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits.
  • FICA Tip Credits.
  • Qualified Business Income Deductions (QBID).
  • Film / Entertainment Tax Credits.
  • Alternative Fuel / Energy Tax Credits.

BMM&P can help businesses throughout the U.S. and companies with Georgia operations explore their opportunities with tax credits and incentives. Contact our office to learn more.